Prime Rib 101

The holiday prime rib is a tasty, yet expensive, holiday tradition. When smoking that perfect prime rib, you are going to want to do it right. This cut is not one of the more difficult cooks you will do but is one that you will want to make sure you get right.
The rib roast (prime rib) is from the rear portion of the beef’s rib cage. This part of the cow tends to be one of the moistest, tender, and flavorful, hence its massive popularity and price tag to match. Rib roasts can be up to seven bones but are often cut into smaller portions.
The quality of the roast, like other cuts, is based on its grade. If you are wanting a “Prime” Rib, it will be rated “Prime,” and you are likely to going to want to hit up your local butcher, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a solid roast with a choice or select rating from your local market.
When selecting your roast, you will want plenty of white fat with the pink meat. The fat will render down and is what gives you all that juice and flavor. This is not the cut for trimming. Doing so will only take away from the final product.
The size of the roast will depend on the number of people you intend to serve. Generally, one bone per two people is the rule. Because we are typically cooking prime rib at high heat, larger roasts are definitely easier, but a pellet grill makes that difficulty curve far less.
Internal temperatures for pulling your roast are 120° for rare, 130° for medium, and 140° for done. Make sure you allow your prime rib roast to rest for 15 minutes for best results.
Serving Tips:
Prime rib is always best served with a quality horseradish.
My favorite side dish for a rib roast is roasted herb potatoes, but about any potato is great. My family’s consensus tends to be mashed potatoes with brown gravy.

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